June 15, 2017

 Page of Wands - King of Wands - Four of Pentacles

Page of Wands - King of Wands - Four of Pentacles

The Page of Wands is further confirmation to what was being felt during the Full Moon in Sagittarius cycle. This card is all about change and new beginnings. Right now you may be feeling a sense of restlessness in your life. It could be in any area of your life- career, finances, relationships, spirituality, etc. In this season you need to find your own voice. It’s time to really meditate and think about what you want. Once you figure that out, then you need to commit to going after it. If you don’t commit, you will miss out on something that you’ve been wanting. So don’t let fear be the reason that you miss out on that new job or relationship. Just know that the universe has brought you out to this point because IT IS TIME and not by chance. 

King of Wands in Reverse is warning that you need to practice balance. Make sure that you’re being assertive but not aggressive. Be spontaneous but still smart. There is a difference. Stay true to practicing balance and humbling yourself and the expectations that you’ve set for yourself and others. 

Four of Pentacles shows that if you make the right decision at the crossroads spoken through the Page of Wands then you are going to achieve the success that you’d hoped for. You’re gonna finally be making the money that you wanted. You’re gonna find that man or woman that makes you feel better than whole. You are going to be thriving. Be wary of placing too much value on material possessions and becoming too set in your ways. Remember that being flexible is what helped you get to where you are. As the earth constantly moves, you have to move. 

“Right now you are one choice away form a new beginning- one that leads you toward becoming the fullest human being you can be.” - Oprah

May the message of the cards and spirit guide aid in your transformation. Blessed be.