Step 1 of Healing: Let Go of What Does Not Serve You

As we go through life, we experience many types of ordeals daily. Some of those events are good; others, not so much. Sometimes, the worst of these bad events leave us wounded and tainted--physically, mentally, and emotionally. Though they hurt, there always comes a time where we are called to confront our issues and deal with our baggage. On what I'll call the start of this healing process, In my journey, I've found step one of moving forward should begin with a cord cutting ritual. 

 Model: @KristoffBrown (Twitter)

Model: @KristoffBrown (Twitter)

What is cord cutting? Cord cutting is a ritual used to help us let go of bad connections, bad habits, draining spiritual ties, and past traumas.

When I do my cord cutting ritual, I find it helpful to basically write a letter to myself/God. The letter is intended to be a declaration and a prayer of everything that we want to let go of in our lives. Be clear. Be intentional. Writing everything out is important as it helps to acknowledge the issues head on. Remember to be specific. In the letter, also affirm positive things you want manifested as a result of the cleansing.

Once you've completed your letter, take a step outside. Feel the moment. Feel the earth’s natural healing energy. Pray to your gods, Orishas, your ancestors, or Whomever you turn to for strength. From there, read your letter aloud. Then, once done, burn your letter. In that moment, envision that you have ended an era of pain and shame, and are now welcoming new beginnings.

Imagine white light covering your entire body, starting at your root chakra and moving on up until it reaches your crown. As the cool white light touches each chakra, feel the healing in those respective areas of your life. Picture what “better” looks like. Meditate on how it feels. Then, smudge yourself and your space with sage (or some form of cleansing tool) to remove any residual energies or leftover spirits.

Once everything is cleansed, it is time to go into self-care mode--dance, sing along to Beyoncé, go to the movies, get a massage, etc. Do whatever makes you feel good! You will need to replenish the negative energy you let go of with warm, healing, positive energy.



  • Throughout the entire ritual, always keep your focus and intentions on letting go of the baggage that you no longer want attached to yourself.
  • You don't have to follow what I have here to the "t". Follow your natural instincts. Listen to your inner voice.
  • Use crystal gems for their metaphysical properties to aid in your healing.

Now, go be free! Amen & asé!