Vulnerability | Part 1

July 24, 2016 was the day that I got my heartbroken for the first time by someone that I was in love with. My mom, my dad, and even my grandma had all done it prior, but never someone that I chose to be apart of my life. The first 6-8 months following that night were some of the worst days I've experienced on this earth. I was broken. I was lost. I was confused. Hell even tree didn't make me feel better. I would try to escape but would just end up high and sad. Here I am, almost one year later and I've finally managed to find my happy again. Waking up every morning doesn't feel pointless anymore. I have hope that better days are ahead again. I fully believe the affirmations that I speak again. Some days, I still hurt and my heart still bleeds... But I'm still stronger than ever on my good days.

Being heartbroken sucks, but we needed to break up. We needed to do some healing that for whatever reason we couldn't do together. Today, we're both better. I love them and I always will. Some days I even wanna run back, but then the idea of interrupting our growth sets in. I just hope they know that I love them and that I miss them. We share something that could never be replaced. 

In short: I made it. We made it. 

This song describes what the last chapter of my life was like. The haze.. the sense of loneliness.. the feeling of drowning.