GIRLFRIENDS: What were their Zodiac signs?

Whenever I think about who people are in regards to their personalities, I always do so in the scope of astrology. Somehow, God created a system, that uses the exact location of the planets at the time of your birth, to help determine who you were going to be as a person. It's truly a science. In my experience, an astrological birth chart has never been incorrect. It shows you all of you, even the things that you try to hide.

So one of my Twitter friends was watching Girlfriends and began talking about the characters and their personalities and traits. His observations led me to think of what each of the main characters' sun sign may be. I meditated on all that I could remember for a few minutes and as such, I have come up with my own list of the characters and their signs. 

Joan | I see Joan as a CANCER. Her entire world was built on finding love, starting a family, and simply wanting to be happy. As the DEN MOTHER of the group, she took it upon herself to fixing everyone's issues, whether they asked for her assistance or not. Joan Clayton hated conflict with people. But, instead of expressing herself outright and clearing the air, she tended to retreat inside of her shell, being passive aggressive in her interactions (à la upset hermit crab). Joan also had three well-known traits that Cancers are notorious for--being overly emotional, being moody, and nagging. When things didn't go quite as Joan had envisioned in her elaborate picture-perfect imagination, everything turned a dark shade of blue. All would be painted in blue until she saw the next small sign of light, giving her hope that maybe things would be different next time. Joan, a Cancerian woman through and through, wanted her perfect world greatly, and for every one desire, she felt ten emotions.

Lynn | In all of her free-spirited glory, Lynn Searcy truly embodied what it is like to be an AQUARIUS. Largely a HIPPIE marching to the beat of her own drum, Lynn was dedicated to learning more about life. Though this generally was overshadowed by everyone's thoughts that she was afraid of commitment, Lynn was able to commit to learning and earned herself SIX degrees. Similarly, as her character was easily a liberal, she could be a bit of an extremist in expressing her free-thinking views. Known for being humanitarians, inventive, detached and aloof all at the same time, Lynn checks off all of these Aquarian characteristics. Aquarius sun signs are also known for being very independent. With the effects of nurture over nature, Lynn struggled with feeling secure because she was given up for adoption as a baby. As such, I would argue this is one area that Lynn does not fit the standard, though much of her arc involved her working to find her purpose, to plant her roots in something. It's hard to be independent when you don't feel sure of yourself and when you're trying hard to feel like you belong. Perhaps she had a watery moon sign, but I'm grateful that Lynn was able to always find herself in her art though.

Toni | Just like a text book SAGITTARIUS, Toni Childs was surely superficial and overly confident, but also adventurous and straightforward. Toni was the SELFISH FRIEND. Her less than glamorous upbringing often caused her to overcompensate outwardly. Toni would never want you to know just how broken and fragile she was on the inside. As such, she worked to look impeccably dressed, always made sure she looked well put together, even if she inconvenienced others with her antics. Despite her selfishness, Toni still cared about her friends, though she sometimes struggled to put their needs ahead of her own. She tried to be helpful, but in true Sagittarian fashion, would come off abrasive and often, tactless. Her delivery tended to eclipse her intentions. Though flawed, Toni definitely grew. In my opinion, her character had the most development and range. I hate that we never got to see her reach that place of peace and contentment and be able to bask in her fiery glory with her girlfriends.

Maya | Now pinpointing a sign for Maya wasn't as easy as the others. When I think of Maya, I see so many different things. In my experience, Maya was a mixture of Fire and Earth, so I think she'd actually be born under the Cusp of Power, meaning she shared traits of BOTH ARIES AND TAURUS. Maya was a woman who was a teen mom, got married young, worked full-time, and was still getting her education. She was determined to build the life that she knew was possible. She showed so much strength and tenacity that turned into stubbornness, depending on the situation. Maya loved extremely hard, but her nurturing wasn't shown through soft hugs and kisses--it was shown through tough love and pushing those around her. She didn't mind stepping on toes as long as she was telling the truth. She was the underdog in the circle, but she used her disadvantages as fuel to live a life that was just as fulfilling as her friends.

While Girlfriends gave us a classic sitcom with modern, multifaceted Black women, I hope that this has given you just tad more insight on sun signs and given you more reason to revisit this dope series. Love and light.