#DopeBlackArt: Roses x @_shadeinfull

You told me that these flowers wouldn't last forever. 
But whether they live or die,
I witnessed them with my own eyes. 
That's enough for them live on within me,
No matter how fast the petals may wither and dry. 
You see,
You've planted something so beautifully dangerous deep in me that you and I both couldn't see, 
But every time your hand finds mine, 
You feel the thorns that arise from my hand. 
It was fear that took root along side the roses,
Intertwining its nasty vine along the stems of our roses. 
The fear that your just like every other man...
And you were. 
You bleed the same red blood that they did. 
But you didn't once wince in pain, or snatch away. 
In the likeness of Jehovah, 
You allowed the thorns to press deeper into your flesh. 
And I wept for you. 
In one swift motion, I felt your hand separate from my own,
Blood staining both of our palms. 
But something was off. 
I felt the strangest sensation,
And I could tell you were experiencing the same thing. 
Before I knew it,
Everything went black. 
When I came to,
You were still unconscious. 
We were in a garden, 
Flowers that I had never seen
And sounds I had never heard. 
As a butterfly landed on your nose,
You began to awaken. 
We were naked. 
Blood still covering the both of us. 
I looked at our stained hands. 
Mine, smoother than ever. 
Yours, bloodied, still,