I Want/Need Steve Harvey to Not Speak/Advise/Counsel Again.

Over the last two decades, Steve Harvey has somehow managed to become a major player of the Black community. He's one of the Black faces that you can seen plastered all throughout the media. In current times, we're talking a nationally syndicated radio show, a daytime TV show, hosting gigs on Family Feud and Little Big Shots, and many other things. The man is definitely BOOKED.

On one hand, I am ecstatic that a Black person is receiving all of these opportunities, but on the other hand, I wish it was someone that actually had some sense. Time and time again, Mr. Harvey has proven that he's an "AIN'T SHIT" man who loves running his mouth, constantly spreading messages that are misogynistic, homophobic, largely rooted in patriarchy, and basically, closed-minded to everything that has progressed since he was born in the 50s. 

I started my morning off today by checking all of my social media sites and seeing what was going on in the world. I ventured into the dark world of Facebook and came across this clip of a woman asking Steve Harvey's advice on an issue that she's having—she's a worship leader at church, her husband is a musician. Before the church service starts, the wife likes to focus, pray and make sure that her mind and spirit are set on God so that she can help lead the congregation. Her husband often times likes to flirt with her while she's in the process of centering herself. For her, his actions are a distraction. Steve Harvey's advice was basically to stop complaining and be grateful that she has a husband that loves her, wants to pray with her, and feel up on her. *DEEP SIGH*

So, we're gonna put ourselves in a position to help counsel and advise others, but then, not even truly listen and take their wants or needs into consideration? Not once did Steve consider how the husband's actions affected her. He didn't even acknowledge that she can pick and choose just when and where she wants to be touched. Mr. Steve Harvey, where is your empathy, your effort, your listening skills, etc.? If you're not going to give sound advice, hire a professional to help you during this segment of your show. Or, simply stop talking altogether. We, the watching members of the Black community, would greatly appreciate it. 

Rant over.