I Want/Need Steve Harvey to Not Speak/Advise/Counsel Again.

Over the last two decades, Steve Harvey has somehow managed to become a major player of the Black community. He's one of the Black faces that you can seen plastered all throughout the media. In current times, we're talking a nationally syndicated radio show, a daytime TV show, hosting gigs on Family Feud and Little Big Shots, and many other things. The man is definitely BOOKED.

On one hand, I am ecstatic that a Black person is receiving all of these opportunities, but on the other hand, I wish it was someone that actually had some sense. Time and time again, Mr. Harvey has proven that he's an "AIN'T SHIT" man who loves running his mouth, constantly spreading messages that are misogynistic, homophobic, largely rooted in patriarchy, and basically, closed-minded to everything that has progressed since he was born in the 50s. 

I started my morning off today by checking all of my social media sites and seeing what was going on in the world. I ventured into the dark world of Facebook and came across this clip of a woman asking Steve Harvey's advice on an issue that she's having—she's a worship leader at church, her husband is a musician. Before the church service starts, the wife likes to focus, pray and make sure that her mind and spirit are set on God so that she can help lead the congregation. Her husband often times likes to flirt with her while she's in the process of centering herself. For her, his actions are a distraction. Steve Harvey's advice was basically to stop complaining and be grateful that she has a husband that loves her, wants to pray with her, and feel up on her. *DEEP SIGH*

So, we're gonna put ourselves in a position to help counsel and advise others, but then, not even truly listen and take their wants or needs into consideration? Not once did Steve consider how the husband's actions affected her. He didn't even acknowledge that she can pick and choose just when and where she wants to be touched. Mr. Steve Harvey, where is your empathy, your effort, your listening skills, etc.? If you're not going to give sound advice, hire a professional to help you during this segment of your show. Or, simply stop talking altogether. We, the watching members of the Black community, would greatly appreciate it. 

Rant over. 

#DopeBlackArt: NPR Tiny Desk Concerts

So if you know me, then you know that I love me some good music. You can catch me vibing out to music when I'm happy, sad, mad, glad, etc. Whatever the mood is, music is getting me through it. I especially love me some live music. It's something really pure and ethereal about seeing someone leave their soul on stage for all to be blessed by. With all of that being said, here a four of my favorite musical performances to date! Shoutout to NPR and their Tiny Desk series as well as all of these Dope Black Artists. 

"Know who you be, then do what you know."

July 14, 2017 will be a day that I will cherish for the rest of my days. On this day, for the first time in my life, I actually felt seen by people.

I'm so overwhelmed with emotion. Like today is the first time that I actually feel seen. Like y'all actually see me & the work that do. Today, I sat on a panel & got to talk about my OWN projects & endeavors. Like I was asked to be apart because someone actually believes in me. People actually told me that they wrote down shit that I said. Like I helped sparked something within them. Then tonight I actually set up a table and did tarot readings for people. This was my first time ever doing anything like this.  I really thought that I was just gonna just be sitting there. You know how you walk past Jehovah Witnesses when they pass out stuff? That. (LOL) Y'all.... my table was full the entire night. Like I did 25+ readings. I'm shocked... and amazed. Several people cried, jumped or even screamed bc they couldn't believe how the cards were able to connect with their current situations. I'm so grateful that God saw fit to give me this gift and calling.

My name is Hakeem and I am a tarot reader and a healer. I am the Dope Black King. I am here to help people evolve and become the best them that they can possibly be. Seeing people grow is is what makes me happy. I am living in my purpose. 

This post has been sitting in my drafts for almost 3 months now. This moment was monumental in my journey of self discovery, yet it has been clouded with self doubt since. Today, I sat and reflected on why I never posted it. I had to be really open and honest with myself. Y'all, I am afraid of starting another endeavor and not being consistent with it. I'm afraid of being a failure. I'm afraid of not being good because if I'm not good then people won't love me. Right? Wrong. This negative thought has guided my foot steps all of my life. The people around me truly love me for and despite my humanity. My struggles and imperfections don't make me any less worthy of love and affection. I also realized that I'm afraid of things actually working. Like am I prepared to become the male queer spiritual child of Miss Cleo and Iyanla? Time will tell. During this Fall season, I am challenging myself to really work on reshaping my own mindsets about myself. Loving and valuing myself more. Keep me lifted in y'all's prayers. Asè.